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When Pain Is Your Friend

How many of you suffer from chronic pain? Physical pain is caused by overuse, injury or chronic stress. Over the last two decades of assessing and training thousands of clients, I have noticed commonalities around pain syndromes. When a potential member came in to my... read more

Bicycling for Fun, Fitness, and Adventure!

Now that summer has arrived and the days are longer and weather is more predictable, many of you are thinking about purchasing a bike. The popularity of cycling has grown over the last ten years and for good reason. Cycling is an enjoyable form of exercise and a great... read more

The Perfect Day Starts With The Right Hike

How does one have the perfect day? It starts with a text message to a friend and organizing a backpack, trail runners, proper clothes, water bottles, a meet up time and then the group decision – which trail today?  Salt Spring Island is home to an amazing number... read more

5 Reasons To Consider An Electric Bike

Over the last few years conversations and emphasis has been placed on electric assist bikes. As a passionate cyclist, I tended to ignore the electric bike; considering this to be a fad, as well as being under the false impression that electric bikes mean little to no... read more

Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action They have arrived, those pink blossoms and delicate flowers. The first signs of spring can cause quite a stir; even the overwhelming desire to start exercising outside. After months of short, rainy, cold days, the hint of warm weather is enough to... read more

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For Great Results

Hiring a personal trainer will deliver 80% better results, three times faster than exercising alone.

For A Fabulous Experience

Most people desire a great experience and that is exactly what Sheena gives to her clients. Results are important, but not at all costs. Life is a journey – not a destination and experience along the way is what matters.

For Her Expertise

Sheena has been part of the fitness industry for almost two decades. She has assessed and trained thousands of clients. She has written several books and designed many courses for personal trainers. Sheena’s experience and expertise lead to great results for her clients.

To Create The Life You Desire

The three things that people are motivated to achieve:  optimum health, financial success and close, connected relationships. Sheena understands that every person deserves an abundant and healthy life. She coaches her clients to achieve peak fitness which leads to a prosperous and happy life.

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